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Isak and Even are the top TV couple 2017

Isak and Even got 55.3 % (3,148,251 votes)

Magnus and Alec got 44.7 % (2,545,145 votes)
It is official: we have beaten Magnus and Alec (Shadowhunters) and it is clear that Isak and Even (SKAM) is TV’s top couple 2017 according to Eonline (and thousands of fans). SKAM made us all feel like we were a 17-year-old Norwegian boy from Oslo struggling with who he is and coming to terms with himself. Season three, containing 10 episodes, was a rollercoaster of emotions that moved many people all over the world.

SKAM is a Norwegian low budget production by creator Julie Andem, starring Tarjei Sandvik Moe (17) as Isak and Henrik Holm (21) as Even. The third season aired from October 2nd till December 16th (2016) and deals with Isak coming to terms about who he is, accepting himself and forgiving others.

The season centers on his growing relationship with Even, who faces his own struggles dealing with mental illness and conflicting feelings of guilt towards his loved ones. Their love story wasn't just a story about coming out, or sexual orientation, it became one of the most beautiful, moving and relatable love stories ever depicted on TV!

People need people. Life is now. All is love. Thank you to all you AMAZING people worldwide for voting for Isak and Even and giving SKAM the international recognition we know it deserves! The campaign team behind #vote4evak is extremely proud that we made it all the way to the finishing line!

Love from the #voteforevak campaign-team:
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🇩🇰 Eve Frisenborg Graphs and statistics
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Kosegruppa DK SKAM fri og ekte 20+
SKAM - International fangroup ISAK+EVEN (@ISAKxEVEN)
1) We would like to thank everybody who have voted for Isak and Even in this poll and have made a difference. You have all made a difference!
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